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Mannaminne Conference in fantastic environment!

Welcome to a conference inside our all-art work! Here you can combine effective meetings with a private, guided tour that ends with a quiz. We can organize various activities in our magnificent surroundings with different types of tours either with hiking, biking or transportation with our fantastic partners in the area.

We organize the conference with you. The conference takes place in the unique round lodge which is equipped with a projector and screen and Wifi. The accommodation at Hotell with fantastic rooms and B & B in Norgehuset with its history. The food is locally produced and served in the inn. 

All possibilities are there!

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Quote from one of our conference guests:

A magical place
“In recent years, I have visited Mannaminne with many conference groups from the business community and also with private guests in the form of energetic pensioners. Our specialty is packing adventures and then the whole High Coast is a magical place! The staff at Mannaminne is easy to work with. Everything is close and flexible, which means that we can tailor and adapt to conditions.

To get the most out of your stay, my tip is to combine hotel accommodation with a guided tour of the area – but also to take advantage of nature. Sometimes we went by boat directly to the pier below Mannaminne on arrival and sometimes we walked on a nearby mountain with a magical view. ”

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