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The children's house

In 2020, some new buildings were erected on Mannaminne, especially for children. The children's house is a beautiful room where it should be possible to get cultural experiences on a smaller scale. During the summer of 2021, the content grew slowly and we plan to show quality films for children, arrange storytelling and music lessons, reading aloud, exhibitions with children's pictures and eventually maybe even puppet theater. The house is also meant to be at hand for rest and coziness for families with children, with a pillow corner and the opportunity to listen to music, when there are no activities going on. A proposal book will be available, so that visiting children can suggest future activities and areas of use for the new orphanages at Mannaminne.

Activities for the kids

Now planned for 2022 and will call during events. We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and update the website and Facebook regularly.

Children's Mannaminne

At Mannaminne, children can get an outlet for their imagination and play. It is exciting, educational and interesting as a child to walk, jump, jump, sneak and run around among all the things and buildings that are here. We wonder ... do you dare to sneak past our Mammut?

Fairytale village

A bit further into the area is the "fairytale village" with some small houses, created by Anders Åberg. the tower house was located at a school in Bjästa but has now been moved to Mannaminne to be available for children's free play. The content and play opportunities in the houses will vary over time. In one room there is a board where the children themselves can change and play with the motif and try their hand at it.

Play the game in the KulTur app

Feel free to download the KulTur app from Svenskt Kulturarv to your smart phone, where there is a film and a quiz about Mannaminne. Then stroll around the area and answer the questions.