Stortorget's incomparable views

The view from the 150 meter high mountain Stortorget in Häggvik is perhaps the most and the best the High Coast can offer. It is by far the county’s most depicted view and has been immortalized by artists, photographers and tourists of all times.

Mannaminne is located at the foot of the mountain. The top is accessible on foot and definitely worth a visit as the views are magnificent. Once up there, you look out over Häggvik and Gaviksfjärden and you can fantasize about what it looked like here 100 years, 1000 years, 5000 years, 10000 years ago. Up on the mountain there is a high-lying cobblestone field, and from the view you can study other effects of the ongoing land uplift. At your feet is also Vågsfjärden, which was laced from the sea 150 years ago and is now a lake.

The trail to the top starts at hotel Mannaminne and is quite steep. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get up. Children over the age of 5 can probably handle the walk if they are promised a nice icecream on their way back. Also, look for blueberries on the way up! This might keep the energy on a good level. 

From the lookout point, a barely noticeable path goes west through the forest. If you follow it, you will soon come to another impressive view. From here you see Nordingrå church, villages and mountains.  

The landscape is heavily hilly with forested mountains and valleys with agricultural land and lakes. It offers a magnificent panorama to the south and west.

Nordingrå - The heart of the High Coast

Nordingrå with the sea and all its fishing villages, lakes, mountains and valleys is fantastically beautiful all year round. Nordingrå is considered to be the heart of the High Coast, or what is now the World Heritage High Coast. There are a total of nine nature reserves in Nordingrå, all of which are easy to visit. Gnäggen, Halsviksravinen, Villmyran, Rotsidan, Högbonden, Norrfällsviken, Omneberget, Högklinten and Storsand are unique pieces of nature with interesting geology, flora, rich plant and animal life as well as cultural-historical monuments and environments.

World Heritage Trail - the trail through Nordingrå

Welcome to hike in the High Coast on the ten km long World Heritage Trail that runs through Nordingrå parish. Each stage goes between two information boards. The trail is marked with yellow dots. Stages 13 and 14 follow the High Coastal Trail. The numbers on the map are clickable and take you directly to the respective section. The blue-marked trails run within nature reserves and are managed by the County Administrative Board. Tenting according to the right of public access is allowed along the entire trail.

More information can be found here

Höga Kustenleden

Höga Kustenleden is a fantastic hiking trail that offers wonderful nature and magnificent views. The trail is a total of 130 km long and stretches through the High Coast from Ångermanälven in the south to Näske in the north. Also plan a detour to Mannaminne, perhaps by canoeing from Lappudden open-air center to Häggvik.

More info about canoe rental etc. can be found here, Lappuddens Friluftcenter.

More information about Höga Kustenleden can be found here, Höga Kustenleden.