What is Mannaminne?

Mannaminne is a completely unique place where over 50 buildings welcome you to an encounter with nature and culture, art and technology, locally and globally, history and future, small and large. The artist Anders Åberg’s (1945-2018) and Barbro Åberg’s full-scale works of art spread inspiration and creativity, a place that offers something for all interests and ages.

You walk among agricultural museums, art museums, a chinese pavilion, metro carriages and trams, houses from Hungary, Estonia and Norway, a coastal museum, a stave church, the giant hand-carved globe in it´s  own house, accordion museum, technology house with lots of vehicles, a dragon plane, a coffee roastery , a tugboat from Ångermanälven and much more.

Mannaminnes Värdshus is in this area and it  serves coffee and meals. There is also a hotel where you live in the middle of an artwork, several bed & breakfast rooms, three overnight cabins and a craft shop local arts and crafts.

Mannaminne is a kind of living village where there are always exciting things to discover. Not only what is always there but also concerts, children’s activities, temporary exhibitions, festivals and much more.

Mannaminne is located breathtakingly beautiful in the village Häggvik in Nordingrå and is one of the World Heritage High Coast’s most popular places to visit.

You can see more about Mannaminne and about Anders and Barbro Åberg through Solveig Nordlund’s film Mannaminne. The film is for sale in the Entrance Hall. This film and the trailer, however, is in Swedish. 

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