What do visitors think of Mannaminne?

Over the years, many have visited Mannaminne, read what our previous visitors think of us!

Amazing place where nature, culture, arts and technology meet. Great place for all age groups.
Segni Mekonnen Ayana
Take time to really see everything there is to look at. I think you discover new things with each new round you go.
Ann Kristin Lindahl
A valuable and rewarding visit to Mannaminne. Good coffee and coffee with salami and brie cheese. And the dog joined us 👍
AnnSofie Johansson
Great place! Here we got married on June 6, 2009!
Marcus Berggren
Everything in the area evokes memories and associations. It's a wonderful world of color and shape. Much is interactive and can be felt and explored. Mannaminne reflects cultural heritage that is both local, national and global. A memory and a monument to the human race and its creations. A journey of discovery for both young and old.
Anneli Zaki
Mannaminne provides exciting and wonderful insights and experiences at every visit!
Bengt-Åke Lindquist
Like coming to a completely different world. What amazing people have started such a museum. We hope that this will continue. Go and see Mannaminne!
Curt L M Sohlberg
Fabulous and impressive, I was completely amazed at the love Anders Åberg has given this place.
Mats Nyberg
The special concept with wonderful buildings, cool statues and paintings, the nice summer exhibition and the hostel, the cottages and the restaurant. A slightly unusual experience in a very beautiful countryside.
Felice Ciscar-Frölid
Visited Mannaminne almost 7 years ago and it was like a wonderland for me. Curated and preserved out of sheer passion. I have very fond memories of the place. Wish it all the best!
Soma Basu
The mixture of art, industrial and cultural history, a result of diligent and dedicated work by the founder, artist Anders Åberg.
Nina Wikman Saxin
What a wonderful experience with fantastically good char and vegetarian alternative. Very affordable and with extremely good service. The hostel was fresh and pleasant, and also included a superb guided tour of Anders Åberg's magical works of art. The breakfast was large with freshly baked tea cakes. We like to go here more times.
Magnus Grahn
Fun-filled, thought-provoking, inspiring, impressive ... and in a fantastic environment as well!
Jinger Bremberg
A wonderful excursion destination. A museum, but just as much a work of art. What I appreciate most are all wood carvings, large, small, unexpected and thought-provoking.
Sara Hamrén Håkansson
Your journey and the landscape. So much to see that you will never finish.
Kaj Jönsson
Many fantastic houses, absolutely incredible details and a wonderful mix of culture from all corners of the world. Creates feelings of nostalgia and reflection.
Maylen Knutar
Accordion house, inn, exhibitions. Attended three events at Mannaminne. Wonderful environment to experience music, poetry, storytelling etc. in.
Olle Burlin
An awesome cultural project where Åberg created a unique environment that should be preserved makes the future.
Thomas Bergqvist

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