The art at Mannaminne

Art is a recurring theme at Mannaminne. Anders Åberg's fascinating ability to weave the museum with the art, the old that meets the new, makes Mannaminne a completely unique place on earth.

What characterizes Anders Åberg's art can be found in many things and details, where even a simple molding has been taken care of by Anders' hands.

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"Mannaminne is unique from a museological perspective. Anders Åberg loved cultural clashes - encounters between different times and different ways of thinking - and shaped them in ways that constantly arouse interest. Nowhere is there a better opportunity to start talking about how the local meets the global and how old meets new than during a walk in Mannaminne. "
Eva Persson, Exhibition Aesthetics Forum
September 4, 2018

Some information on artists in the exhibition

Thage Nordholm, 1927 – 1990, artist  born in Kramfors. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, he painted landscapes in Borgholm and Halland. Thage returned to Norrland in 1974. He longed for the nature of growing up. He settled in Körning in Nordingrå and painted its landscape until his death.

Nils Gunnar Johansson 1916 – 1996, comes from Luleå but moves to Kramfors. During the emergency years in Järesta, he became fascinated by Nordingrå nature and the interaction between man and nature. He studied art at Otto Sköld’s painting school 1944 – 1945. He is called the painter of light for his fine depiction of it.

Lasse Kellman, Peter W.L.

Anders Åberg 1945 – 2018, artist who founded Mannaminne in 1980. Anders grew up in Stockholm but spent the summers in the Nordingrå area with his parents. He then settled in Häggvik and worked diligently with painting, sculpture and house models on various scales.

Emil Nordenmark 1898 – 1967, was a farmer from Nordingrå. He became interested in the Nordingrå dialect and wrote it down in a book called “För i väla”. He photographed and painted paintings, played the violin and accordion.

Kjeld Heltoft is a Danish artist.

Egon Eriksson-Weinemo, 1914 – 1987, He studied art for, among others, Otto Sköld in Stockholm. His paintings reflect motifs from Ångermanland and Lappland.

Stefan Westerlund, artist from Västernorrland.

Gertrud Wieselgren, born 1929 in Germany, painter, illustrator and graphic artist. She studied for Otto Sköld’s painting school in Stockholm in 1950 and later at the Stockholm Academy of the Arts. Together with her husband Björn Hallström, she traveled around Europe.

Örjan Östlund, 1952 – 2018, an artist and painter of the High Coast landscape. 

Greta Petré, born in 1943 in Hoting Ångermanland, is an all-around artist. Her art is in several art museums around the world.